Upon A Hill

Upon A Hill.

Upon a hill,

Came a rabbit,

Whose name was Bill.

He had a cousin,

Who was also named Bill,

And his little sister was named Jill.

Now Bill, Bill and Jill,

Often went to play in a nearby abandoned palace,

Which was a remant of a big war.

One evening they found,

A golden watch hidden in the old storeroom,

And when the watch was set to the correct time,

The whole palace would come alive,

And the fairies would come in and dance,

And the pixies would make it their home,

But after an hour,

The magic used to fade,

All mystical beings to used to go away.

Bill, Bill and Jill,

Kept the watch in their toy box,

And for nearly forty years,

They kept it a secret and when the time came,

They let their children,

In on it too.

Now the magic wouldn’t fade for two hours,

And after a long wait,

They finally managed to buy that palace,

And its magic was visible only to them and to the magical beings.


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