Poetry, Pomfret With Garlic Rice.

Pomfret With Garlic Rice.

Garlic rice is a Thai preparation. It tastes wonderful. Delicious and simply happy.

A plate of steaming hot garlic rice with a big pomfret fish is deliciously beautiful to eat.

What made it special for us is, one day when the day was dull, we had to order food from a restaurant. A new Thai eatery had opened, which had given its pamphlet with the newspaper.

After pouring over all the dishes, we couldn’t make head or tail of anything. All the dishes sounded as strange as Hungarian to an English-speaking person.

After a lot of deliberation, we could zero only upon garlic rice. By this time, Ma was nearly famished with hunger.

So, immediately I called up the restaurant and placed an order for a plate of garlic rice. Generally, suffices for two and requested to deliver it as soon as possible.

They replied-“We will try.”                           

As expected, they didn’t do so.

About forty-five minutes later, the food arrived.

It was a humungous quantity of garlic rice which they had given and with it they had provided a sort of green curry which looked partly like chutney but it wasn’t.

But any rice preparation requires something to eat with. For example- a vegetable/dal/fish/chicken.

That morning Ma had made pomfret fish, so we decided to have it with the garlic rice.

I was much apprehensive as to how would garlic rice would taste with pomfret fish made a la Bengali style.

But Ma said it would and believe it or not, it simply did.

I thanked Ma profusely for it was her idea and a bit mine.

So,we had nearly all of it and kept a little bit for my baba(father).

When he came home, I told him we had so and so for dinner, he looked extremely cheerful.

But as soon as I told him that Baba we had most of it, he asked-“For me?”

Immediately I ordered for another plate of garlic rice and when it came,

All of us had it again with much gusto.

The next day was a brighter one for us.


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