Poetry, She Is Pestering Me.

She Is Pestering Me.

She is pestering me.

Give me money,

Give me rice.

Give me food.

Give me burgers.

She is definitely pestering me.

Take me to the movies.

Buy me jewelry.

Spend more money on me.

Is she mad?

Yes, she is.

She is pestering me.

Buy me onions.

Buy me ginger.

I think “give me and buy me” are two distinct entities.

Buy me noodles.

Buy cold drinks,

Something with a dew, which is more fizzy.

Buy me rubber band,

Buy me electronic items.

Buy me a brand new phone.

Again, buy me a new phone,

Then with 64 GB RAM.

Take me to Dubai.

Fly me to The grand city of New York.

Will she pay the air fare, hotel and other expenses?

Ofcourse not!

She is a pesterer, a leech.

A good for nothing.

Well, she is pestering me.

I have trying hard to avoid her,

But I couldn’t.

Who is she?

She is mind.

Under whose veil everyone works.


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