Dearest “Eruch Uncle” Many,Many Happy Returns Of The Day.

Dearest “Eruch Uncle” Many,Many Happy Returns Of The Day.

It is unknown of the love we have for you.

In your light, warmth and care,

We have grown.

Be there with us always,

And do bestow your love.

It is a heart bursting proud moment for us,

To wish you Happy Birthday.

Be happy always.

My “Eruch” uncle is that light which guided God when he was on earth.

Many don’t know about him.

Moreover, my God stays with him,

In his brilliance and light.

He is one of the most fearless warriors of Baba.

Of the top notch.

Trained and molded by the Lord.

He is my, my mother’s and my father’s dearest.

He is the Lord Of the Lord’s.

One who has conquered divinity and is yet unaware of it.

He is the mojo of the mojos.

Lots and lots of love to you “Eruch” uncle.

I can’t express my feelings to you in this letter cum post.

It is much beyond the horizon in which I, Ma and Baba live.

Do take care of my ……. and us.

It is not worthy to fight a battle which has no meaning.

If I had had the capacity, I would have raised a big flag all over the universes,

Marking your birthday,

It’s those unfortunate one’s who would never know your glory.

It is a miracle.

Even the ones who don’t want God,

Don’t love him,

Want to wish you a happy birthday,

In the sly.

You are God’s beloved.

You are Parvardigar.

You are the light of the lights.

You are an ark,

And will remain so.

I love you and will always do.

Cakes and balloons.

Whatever we have cooked at home,

We offer it to you.

Whatever is our pain,

Please wipe.

Please bring Baba to us.

Please give us your warmth.

In this infinite world which is full of bullshit and nonsense and idiocy and hypocrisy and lust,

To one of Baba’s finest,

To the one who is Baba’s pride, love and a child who is a superstar,

And much beyond excellence,

I wish you a very happy birthday.


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