Painting The Town Red.

Painting the town red,

The town people celebrated very much ,

That their town had turned one hundred and twenty-five years old.

Painting the town red,

There were lots and lots of celebrations,

Two fun fairs were held,

In which eight carousels were built.

And the toy trains,

Would go chug-chug-chug,

Letting out a bit of steam.

Painting the town red,

The foods stalls were excellent.

The variety of food were superb, marvellous and excellent.

There were tacos, steaks. Enchiladas, ice creams, chips, etc.

The day would be remembered by all,

As the day when all and everything,

Was full of fun and frolic.

And there was a very big surprise gift machine,

Which would pop out a gift for each and every town people.


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