I Have Lost My Raincoat.

I Have Lost My Raincoat.

I have lost my raincoat.

I can’t find it anywhere.

Yesterday, when I left my office,

It was raining heavily.

So, I had my raincoat on,

And left for my home.

Reaching home,

Ma opened the door,

And told me to remove keep the raincoat

At the front to dry.

I did so.

Next day,

While leaving for the office,

I couldn’t find my raincoat.

I was very surprised.

For the raincoat,

Was a big object.

Not an umbrella,

That it could get lost easily.

I looked here and there,

But with no success.

So, I asked Ma-“Ma have you seen my raincoat?”

Ma replied-“No, I Haven’t.”

I was very very puzzled.

What could have happened?

I left for my office with a lot of questions going in and around my thoughts.

As soon as I reached my office,

The peon handed me my raincoat-“Sir, your raincoat.”

I was astonished beyond anything.

I asked him-“Where did you find it?”

He replied-“Sir, you had left it in the office yesterday.”

I was stunned.

“Hadn’t I worn the raincoat while leaving the office yesterday, to save myself from the rains?”

“Didn’t Ma open the door and ask me to keep the raincoat for drying at the front of my house?”

Then where from could the raincoat have appeared in the office?

Maybe I had flown home directly from my office.

Who knows?

I gave the peon fifty rupees saying-“Yeh, aapke chai pani ke liye.”


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