World Hunger Day.

The pangs of hunger is something which a little child knows nothing off. Slowly, slowly as they grow up, they realize what hunger is. Hunger is something which is a very integral part of our lives. Many say that they earn money to quash their hunger.

Many don’t know what hunger is, as they have so much in abundance that their fridges and minds are full with different and all types of food.Just wish for it and voila, your favourite food dish is right there, infront of your face.

A lot of people are very fussy about their food and many over eat also.They don’t know that how lucky they are to get meals, two times a day. A humongous number of people struggle to arrange for two square meals.Many go unfed. Food is a thing which unites all.

If you ever have a get together over the lunch or dinner and you call your family, neighbours, friends and you will observe that many of them will talk with each other while having their lunch/dinner, but a time comes, when nearly all of them will solemnly have the lunch or dinner quietly.

28th May 2018, is marked as the “World Hunger Day”.

Hunger for food often relates with rumblings in the stomach. As I am writing this blog, some sections in my stomach are rumbling for food.

Hunger often relates to energy being spend in a good way.

Always remember this, that the majority of the people are nearly under nourished, many can’t afford to have meals twice a day or their kids would have to go hungry.

A lot of people relinquish a special dish made at home, so that others can have their fill.

Parents with low income, often given their part of food to their kids, so that the kids don’t have any pangs of hunger.

Organizations, food donation camps and other sorts of help towards food donation does help a lot, but the truth is that hunger can never be satiated, as the world is always hungry.

Greed for different type of food is also a trend that has been going on for quite some time.One wants to eat this or eat that, without having any control over their taste buds.

A good example- Suppose early in the morning you wake up and after sometime you start feeling hungry.Now, there is no other food except the most famous and nourishing oats packet in your house.You keep rummaging here and there, but you find nothing.You go to the grocery stores, to the bakers and you see that they haven’t opened yet.

A lot of energy has been spent in going to the grocers and the bakers, and the hunger is doing somersaults in your stomach, so you rush back home, take out the oats packets, pour milk in a bowl, add the oats into it and the oats tastes like the sweet cheese cake made by ma.Then a revelation will come to your brain, that oats are the most wonderful food item ever made.But just an hour back, it was the food which one would never look at.

Therefore, hunger made oats the hero and the day saver.

Thereby, always respect food.Food is after all food.

In this hungry world, try not to waste it.

So, don’t waste food.Eat light.Be happy and if possible, have food happily.