World Environment Day.

We all love our environment, but seldom do we bother to care about it. June 5th is marked as the “World Environment Day”.

Every now and then we see many television ads asking us to abhor the use of plastics and it’s products and many of these ads ask us to switch the green products.

Rarely, someone takes up the initiative.

We are asked not use CFC bulbs and lights as they emit cholorofluoro carbon, which causes damage to the atmosphere, still we use them.

Due to air pollution, with toxins such as nitric oxide, carbon in the air causes acid rain. The above mentioned harmful toxins are emitted from vehicular smoke.

Smoke + Fog =Smog.

Smoke from industries, vehicles, chimneys,lead to very heavy and dense air pollution. When this smoke mixes with fog, it causes smog which cause breathing problems, respiratory problems, lung diseases, wheezing cough, asthma, etc.

CFC i.e. chlorofluorocarbon, is emitted from refrigerators , air conditioners, and they deplete the ozone layer and due to the depletion of the ozone layer, the harmful UV rays that comes from the sun, harms our skin and causes skin cancer.

The continuous use of plastics, especially plastic bags is very much harming our environment.Plastics take a lot of time, more than even hundred years to decompose.

So the use of cloth bags and bio-degradable bags are promoted.

Only using green products or using cloth bags is not the solution to the massive problem of environmental degradation that we are facing. It is only a start for us to save the environment and there is a lot that still needs to be done in order to preserve, protect and save the environment.