Why did you take my toy away?

At a mall, a family of five were going to buy ice creams. In that family, there was a boy aged about seven years and a his sister aged about five years.

They both were racing towards the ice cream stand and they stopped nearby the ice cream stand.

The little girl was holding an action figure toy in one hand and was drinking water from a small water bottle from the other hand.While she was doing so, her brother suddenly snatched her toy from her hand, did a whirl about and gave her back her toy.

The girl was still sipping water.As soon as she finished sipping the cool water, she became cross with her brother. She asked him angrily-“Why did you take away my toy?”.

Her brother held both his ears with both of his hands and apologized to her.

The girl nodded silently and forgave him.

Her brother did a whirl dance again and said to her loudly – “I will take it away again! Ho-Ho”.

Instantly, girl ran towards the ice cream stand and her brother ran towards his parents.

Later, the whole family were happily having their ice creams.