What Is Malibu Famous For?

Malibu is its weather, beaches and its huge and extravagant lifestyle.


  • Halfhearted Work.

    Halfhearted works, Often don’t bring in any result. You can get the job done, Or it can be completed to the requirement, But most of the half hearted works result in no goodness. Physical and manual labour works are the most common example of half hearted works. Do the work which you are given with… Continue reading Halfhearted Work.

  • Happy Evening Moments.

    Happy evening moments, Are the moments when you eat the butter croissants with your tea. When you feel happy and adventurous, When your world rocks with happiness, When you can do all the good things that you want to do. Those are the happy evening moments. Adios!

  • Glorious Happy Time.

    Glorious happy time, Is a time of merry, Is a time of happy, Of love, Of all goodness. Glorious happy times are times, Of immense fun and enjoyment And whatnot. Adios!

  • One Generally And Truly Has To Move On.

    One generally has to move on, For life is very big and very fine, To be stuck with dumbheads or any dumbhead ideas. One generally has to move on, For moving on gives you motivation, Courage, spirit and encouragement to do and be the best. Adios!

  • Simplify Your Life.

    Simplify your life, Be the person you wanted to be. Live life the fullest and the longest. And be happy. Simplify your life, Remove all clutter, Remove all garbage, Pick up the pace you want in your life, Be the best. And try to be the very very best. Adios!

  • A Dumbphone.

    Do you know what a dumbphone is? It is a phone which does not have many modern features. But I used a dumb phone for many years and then it wouldn’t work properly and I dearly miss that phone. Old things are much better than new fashionable things. Adios!

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