Went for a walk at eleven instead of six

I usually go for a walk at six’ o clock in the morning. The weather is nice at that time i.e. pre dawn.The streetlights are still on and it feels good to walk a mile or two sometimes. Today, instead of walking up at five in the morning, I woke up at five past ten and understanding my folly, got ready and having a glass of milk I went out for my walk at eleven am. As soon as I stepped out from the air conditioned lobby of my building, the sun was blazing on my head like a hot furnace. Only ten minutes into the walk and I had to retreat my steps back to my home. Now after that walk, that same milk is churning in my stomach, my head is paining and throbbing and I don’t know what to do. Then I asked myself that what caused me to sleep so long? Maybe the road, the lanes, I travel everyday had given me a few hours to rest or had I got a lesson that I should keep an automatic alarm in my mind, so that I can get up at my scheduled time. It is true that when a person is habituated for something, his mind doesn’t allow him to refrain from the same, even if it is odd in time and does not get the desired result.pexels-photo-723675.jpeg



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