Vegan Diet?

Do you have fascination for vegan diets? Do you love them? Well then good for you.

I don’t follow vegan diet or know anything about it. The term vegan diet and it’s meaning is something completely new to me.

To me, vegan diet sounds like having only green vegetables and no meat or milk.

Then I asked my friend Joshua and he said a bit to me about it.

I understood half of it from what he told me; but hoorrah, I got the gist of it.

Then I realized that eight years back I was on vegan diet, as my dietician had put me on it and the only difference was that it was not called vegan diet then, it was called dieting under a dietician and I had lost a lot of weight.

In the morning -only plain oats and as a gift on Sundays- strawberry fruits and nuts muesli.

In that strict dieting, there were three new entrants-Brown rice,quinoa and broccoli. The quinoa salad was simply too much for me and I would start crying silently on seeing it.Quinoa salad is the only food that takes me thirty minutes to have.Each time I had them and I longed more for tasty meals cooked by Ma.

Stomach bellies and dieting don’t go on too well with each other, as known by all who diet.All fascinating food items such as cakes and chocolates keep on calling us. So to overcome all food temptations,balanced dieting is very necessary.

So happy dieting.