Vanilla-The Rustic Girl.

One upon a time,in a far away village, Vanilla, a village rustic girl resided. She used to spend her days playing and hoping around and skipping.

She was and still is a master in skipping.Once at a time at least one hundred and fifty skips, she used to do without losing her breath.

Her father Mr.Rodricks, was a small time farmer who had his own small farm surrounding his home.

He had a wife, a daughter, a son. His sister lived far away from him and hardly ever bothered to keep in touch with him.

Since, his childhood his mother, had taught him that, the less that you have, the more successful and happier that you would be.So, he was always contended with whatever little he could earn.

His farm consisted of delight and happiness in measures of strawberries,mulberries, lemons,brinjals,tomatoes, of two pigs and a cow.They a had small scarecrow placed in the farm.

The scarecrow was Vanilla’s friend as she used to swing and go around it many times a day.

As a result, the scarecrow would sometimes become bent from excessive swinging and seeing that she would rush to her father and bring him out to correct the scarecrow.

She would attend the school twice a week, as her father couldn’t pay for more than that and she was very happy with, because then she could help her mother in her daily works and could take nice care of her brother. The village school had the option of attending classes for two days or four days or six days a week.A student’s parent who selected the two days or four days a week method, had to ensure that his /her child was home schooled, so that he/she would be upto date with her studies.

Her school would start at eleven in the morning and get over at one-fifteen in the afternoon,every Monday and Friday.Therefore, every morning at seven, she would go out to sell whatever was the fresh produce of her farm that day.

The village road-side market was a lively place.Each morning, sellers would come and settle themselves opposite the village shops and shout at the top of their voices-“buy from us,buy from us, coriander six rupees for two bunches.Lemons – eight for ten !”.

Vanilla, would be seen there with a small basket in hand, trying to sell her farm’s produce.

While her friend Joseph went to school, he noticed her every morning.Without fail, from Monday to Saturday,she would be there trying to sell her farm products.

He liked having berries, so he used to buy berries from her, regularly.

The other road side sellers would become angry with her for trying sell her farm products, near their placements and they would try to shoo her away.

She would be in her full spirit, indomitable and she would go and stand somewhere else and pursue the passing by customers, to buy the vegetables from her basket.

Her eyes would be sparkling always and there would be three to four stars twinkling in her eyes.

Sometimes, she would sell lemons, some days  she would sell tomatoes and sometimes she would sell spinach or sometimes she would sell something else.

On Sundays, her father would go to the main village market.There the market would sit every Sunday and people from other towns and nearby cities would come to sell their products and many customers would buy their products sometimes cheap or sometimes a bit costly.By the end of the selling hour, all the sellers would readily sell their products at half-price and then they would go home.On these days, Vanilla remains very happy with her father.

One day, while he was buying berries from her, he asked her-“the sellers shoo you everyday, but still how do you manage to sell your vegetables?”

Vanilla-“Let them shoo me.It doesn’t matter.I know one day the King will come and he will definitely do his job of answering them”

“Why would the king answer them? He is the King after all.”

“Its’ the King’s duties to help his people and he is sworn to do that”.

“If he doesn’t come, then?”

“I told you already, that he will come.”

With my full faith, I know that the king is coming.