Uncategorized travel

Have you ever heard of anything such as “Uncategorized travel”? It is a travel in which people make their travel without any rigid restrictions. There are three types of uncategorized travel. First type are the people who plan their tours and trips or any of their travel,but can’t decide upon how many days to stay there.They like their stay to be flexible. Second type are the people who simply book tickets to a particular place and let things unfold and the third type are the ones who simply don’t know where to go, so they hop on to any bus , train or they simply jump start their bikes or cars and roam or visit around any place like vagabonds.There is an extraordinary type of “uncategorized travel” also and the people in that category simply think that by visiting a city or a place, they have seen it completely. Sometime uncategorized travel, helps people explore and understand themselves by connecting with unexpected beauty and nature of an unknown and known place.

The first type- The people who plan their trips without deciding upon the number of days to stay at a particular place.They simple simply plan their trips based on their experience of that place.If they like that place, then they will stay a few more days and explore there. So they extend their stay by three to four days and sometimes even a week  and they end up spending nearly twenty to thirty percent of their trip money , as sudden bookings always cost nothing less than your quarterly budget, leaving you all fuming and fretting. Sometimes simply believing someone’s words about their travel costs a lot to the people who listen to them.

Second type of people are always the best. The main advantage of such type of people are the surprises and new found wisdom of visiting a place without searching or planning about it beforehand.But there is a downside, that suppose the place turns out to be not good, then you are bound to land in a soup.

The third type of people always end up losing more money and time.For example a person is not feeling happy, so he starts his bike and goes on to ride to a famous holiday destination. Then decides to stay in a five star hotel there to feel happy and happily stays there and enjoys his sudden trip extremely.He even brags about it to his friends.Then he comes back home and continues his old life.What happens at the month end is, that his salary doesn’t match with his expenditure and he starts fretting and keeps on wondering that why did he have to make that road trip? Well the positive side is that he can always remember and feel wonderful about this trip.

Fourth category of people are simply wonderful.They go on bragging and bragging and exaggerating, that they have visited this place and that place, but the truth is that they may have only made a touchdown at a particular place or at the most have stayed there for a day or two.For example-Flying to a destination from where you have to board your connecting flight. The flight might be from Sao Paolo- Kenya- South Africa-. A person is travelling from Sao Paolo to South Africa and he has stayed in Kenya for day as his connecting flight is scheduled on the next day . So whenever his friends ask him that have you ever visited Kenya? .His reply -“Oh yes I have seen the whole of Kenya”, wherein he originally stayed only for a day and that to in a hotel room watching movies.Can you believe this? That people visit Kenya to watch movies.

If you have ever done an uncategorized travel , then feel happy with yourself.People often make others feel lowly regarding their travels by saying that-“you didn’t visit that place?That place was so nearby to the place you visited.Oh, we visited it and had such a merry time”.Many people feel disheartened when they hear such things, but believe me people who dishearten people in such a manner, know them to be the biggest liars and be happy with your travels.





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