Deep felt emotions often turn into words which seldom speak.

The Words which are not Spoken.

There are often words which are not spoken. Words such as “Mom, I love you and Dad, I love you” are often the hardest to come out of our big mouths.The finite and the infinite ego in our minds and bodies, are our biggest enemy and it is such an enemy who cannot be befriended,tolerated and accepted.

Thank you, is another word which is often not spoken. It feels as if to say thank you, one has to go to a bank, open an account and deposit a hefty sum of money in it, then as the bank official gives a receipt for the confirmation of the opening of the bank account, in the same way, would an absurd thank you come out of the opponent party.

Words which are spoken, have no meaning most of the times and the words which are not spoken, have deeper and inner meaning than the one portrayed.

Words when spoken from heart have greater meaning, but words felt deep inside the heart, especially the words which give the feeling of gratitude towards another person,are often communicated through actions rather than being spoken out.

The words which are felt innermost and deep inside our self, are words which are true and they seldom come out, so they remain unspoken. A help never goes unnoticed, a good deed is always appreciated and words in silence are the means of basic communications for a human being, as babies communicate silently with their mothers and they are understood.

A help done in silence goes a long way, while a louder display of help and courtesy, often leads to one’s downfall.

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