The King and his two Queens

A man has one wife and he can’t handle her.This king has two wives.You know what happens when a man has two wives and those two wives have to live with each other, under the same roof? God you can’t even imagine the bickering.The king’s story goes on as follows:-




Once upon a time, in a celestial and majestic land resided a king and his two queens. The king’s grandmother had given him a long necklace full of pearls and in it there were innumerable and countless precious diamonds.It was a very long necklace. The king was given this, when he was five years old, as a blessing that he would become the next king after his father, who was then the king.

The king now has a happy life with his people being extremely happy with him and in their lives.The two wives were not happy with the other.One used to see the other as a nuisance and in private, they would fight, but in public appearances they would maintain the required civility and as soon as the public appearance was over, their cat fights would start again.

Thus their life went on like this.

One beautiful night, when the king was talking to his first wife, his wife said to him the inevitable-“do you love me?” The king sensed a demand coming forth, but he kept quiet and replied-“of course my dear”.

The first queen-“I don’t think so.”

The king-“Why, do you think so dear?”

The first queen-“You spend more time with the second queen.She is more beautiful than me and she is younger too.”

The king-” You know that it isn’t true.”

The king used to divide his time with both his wives equally.

The first queen -“Do you love me more than her.”

The king-“Yes,my sweet love.”

The first queen-“Then prove it.”

The king-“Please,tell me dear how can I do it and I shall”.

The first queen-“Give me your necklace.”

The king-“You know I can’t give it to you dear.It has been with me since I was five and I haven’t taken it off since that day.I always wear it on.”

The first queen-“Alright,it’s cool.I want it only for half a day.”

The king understood the matter and silently agreed to her demand.

The next morning the queen went out with her head high in the public with the necklace round her neck and it was shown to all with a air of superiority. The second queen saw her do this and made a mental note.

Two days later the second queen was seen displaying the necklace dangling around her neck and she was seen parading with it.

The next day the first queen called the king and the second queen in her special chamber.The king and the second queen arrived and they sat at their designated places.

The first queen in a high pitched voice-“Your majesty,I ask you, what sorts of injustice is this? What have I done to you?”.

The king-“My dear queen, what has happened?” The king knew exactly what had happened, but chose to remain ignorant.

The first queen-“You said you loved me the most and yet you gave the necklace, to this worthless second queen?”.

Before the king could reply, the second queen interjected-“How dare you call me worthless? You are a rotten apple.”

The first queen-“See your majesty, before you she calls me rotten apple.Wow.”

“Silence”-The king.

The king -“I have not done any injustice.You had it for half a day and so did she.”

The second queen-“Now wait a minute, you said that she had it only for the morning and that you loved me the most and you gave it to her for half a day? I had it only for four hours.You took it back as soon the clock struck eleven. What is the meaning of all this?”

The first queen-“Oh! now she lies.What a nice wife you have Mr.King!”

The second wife crying-“I didn’t have it for half a day.I had it only for few hours.”

The king-“I love you both equally and you both had the necklace for the same period of time.”

The first queen to the king-“You said that you loved me the most!You said the same to her.You are a liar.”

The second queen to the king-“You said that you loved me the most.You are not worthy of my love.”

“Enough”-The king.

“Don’t forget that I am the king.What could I do?You both were adamant on having the necklace and to pacify both of you, I had to reply that I love you the most to both of you.”

By this time both of the queens were crying.

“I love you both equally.”

“You are a cheat.”

“You are a thug.”

“Not a single word more or you both will be in trouble.”Saying so the king left.

You can’t believe what happened next. Both the queens simultaneously rushed to each other and hugged and both of them made a pact.WE WILL NOT LOVE THE KING ANYMORE.INSTEAD WE WILL TRY TO SPEND TIME WITH EACH OTHER AND BE HAPPY WITH OURSELVES.

Coming to know of this pact, the king was very happy and he whisked away few drops of his sweat. For  both of them he made the same necklace and presented it to them and they were very happy to receive it and now those necklaces are constantly adorned on their necks.

Fortunately, the grandmother was spared as she was only with the king and from heaven she gave a sigh of relief.