The Horse Who Demands In Silence.

I will tell you a story.         A real story.                    You know me.

My surroundings have beautiful pictures drawn by some known and unknown painters.They speak to me and connect me to myself.

One of them is a red horse looking for benefits, that for so many days, he was put up on the wall.He often complains that he doesn’t like his place.Now he must get his proper place.

I said “I will do that.”

Everyday, it looks at me, waiting for the change to happen.

Today, when I went to remove it, he asked me-“where am I going?”

I answered-“The next room”.

It nodded it’s head-“no, I do  not have my other friends there.”

Me-“But you are fed up here………………….”

“Play me some music” said the red horse, “so that I can dance”.

I kissed his photo and understood his fatigueness, played the music and the red horse was not sad anymore.


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