The Dinner Set.

A wife asked her husband to go and buy a dinner set. The husband came home after buying the dinner set.The wife asked him to show it to her. She saw the dinner set and it consisted of burgers, chicken salad and two containers of cold drinks and not plates,crockery, etc.

The wife asked her husband -“What are all these”?

He replied-“You asked me to buy a dinner set, so I bought burgers, salads and cold drinks, thinking that you too had started disliking your hand made food and like me, I thought you too wanted a change, so I bought all these foods for our dinner. These set of food make a complete dinner.So I bought you a nice dinner set.”

Wife-“I think that you value my work and efforts a lot, so you will eat the dinner cooked by me and as I value your work and efforts a lot,-“I will eat the dinner that you have bought”.

The husband says sadly-“Yes ,my dear.”

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