The Cop’s Holiday.

There is a cop who stands at an inter junction near a mall .It is a five way traffic plus there are two side roads and as you can imagine the traffic there is a piece of cake. Such a piece of cake that you can walk the distance you want to go in thirty minutes but by God’s grace if you have a car then even God can’t help you move.
You would be stuck there at a single spot for about a cool thirty minutes and then as forseen result of the magnanimous traffic jam, you will miss lunch or dinner and will also miss the live telecast of your favourite football or cricket match and then silently curse yourself for being at that place. As I said before, it is wise to walk in this sizzling summer than be waiting in the silly car or any other automobile.
So the main point is, that a cop regularly maintains traffic discipline in that junction.He does a superb job of managing the traffic and he does it wisely and he is very helpful towards the pedestrians and helps elderly people cross the lane by personally going with them and he sees to that, they safely reach the road across. A lot of honking and shouting goes on there and he doesn’t get perturbed by it. Some even jeer at him still he maintains his cool.He scolds some drivers but in a cool and polite manner.He is a cop who must be respected.
Now sadly his is on leave.He has taken the leave to go on a holiday with his family.
As that junction was his appointed area for managing traffic, so now for two three days hardly any one mans that area and the traffic management is left completely to God’s own mercy.The cop’s holiday is now people’s rolly-polly days. I think that the cop can’t spend his holidays in peace simply by thinking about the signal he works at. Now at that junctions three volunteers man it but the rush remains the same.I am expecting my friend to be back soon.

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