The Bird That Ate Chickpeas.

When I was young, we had a small house.In that house, there was a small verandah and it had green vines growing on it from a nearby creeper plant and birds would come and sit on the vine or the grill of the verandah. Many birds would come there, but there was a particular bird who would come regularly.He would sit around for few minutes, look around here and there and then he would keep on chattering till he was bored or parched.He had blue and red feathers and a yellow beak and was a very pretty bird.

So what happened was, I was eating chickpeas, while looking out of the verandah and the peas fell out of my hand right outside the verandah and in an instant swooping action, that bird came down and started eating it.

Afterwards, sometimes I would keep chickpeas on the grill and instantaneously the bird would swoop down and eat it.

That bird became my friend and I became his friend and when we had to leave that house, it was a sad moment for both of us. The bird stood guard while we shifted out of the place and I fed him his favourite chickpeas for the last time.

The pain, the sadness and the untethered past is often recommended by philosophers and many personalities, but the scars that are left behind and especially when it happens to be hidden deep inside one’s heart, then no amount healing, counselling or metamorphosis can do any good to it.It simply stays where it was and with time it deepens and remains stuck forever and ever.

I now live in a house, which has no verandah and there are very few birds which visit our house. Mostly sparrows come, but that too when there are food grains for them.

In our life, we have to leave many things behind.I miss all the good things from my past which I had to leave behind, due to destiny, lack of money and cleverness of few people, who interfere in your life, forcefully manipulate with it, play with it,and put up a smiling face always, but always do the damage which is irreparable. After all, it is WORLD.

Philosophy, big talks and “all good will happen”, only gives face value to movies, but in reality, it seldom happens.

But, you know, that I love God the most and destiny is not made by God and as I continuously search and pray for him, I do hope that my friend does return to me and eats again his favorite food which I will enjoy watching him to eat.I search for him, but doesn’t he? It is the cunning destiny which doesn’t guide him to me but guides him to some other verandah and vines.

You will not believe how many birds I have seen in my previous house and it had a very big garden.Many parrots, big birds with white wings with beautiful grey feathers under their white wings.Small red birds, yellow birds with blue wings, yellow birds, green birds  and sometimes very exotic birds were also seen. There was a big mango tree and all the birds would come there and have those delicious mangoes.After returning from school and afterwards college, watching them eat those mangoes was one of my favourite pastimes.

I have written that destiny is not made by God, as it is made by men and women and their silly desires and wants. God’s words, teachings, insights have been unheard, seen but made unseen, his writings ignored and his teachings abolished.It is man who runs the world, but it is God Almighty who protects and is the one and only benign and trustworthy friend of all.

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