A Little Happiness.

A little happiness,

On everyone’s mind,

Can bring in a lot of cheer.

Without the falsity of big laughters.

A little hapiness,

Can make life survive,

Despite everything.

Be happy.



In The Search For Truth.

In the search for truth,

We reached the peaks.

They were so high,

That the world felt,

That it was a tiny bit.

In the search for truth,

We saw the knowledge,

The glow,

The charm,

The Sun’s rising and going down.

The nature in it’s marvel,

And specificity.

In the search for truth,

We reached our home,

To its warmth.



A Funny Thing.

A funny thing is,

That the rabbit lost his moustache.

He went to the nearby tree and asked it back.

The tree asked him to go to the lion,

To get it back.

The rabbit guessed that the tree was hiding it,

And denying him his moustache back.

He called upon his friend,

Sir Elephant.

And he got the rabbit his moustache back.