To Be Back In The Light

To Be Back In The Light.

To be back in the light,

Means to be happy,

With prosperity,

Love and beauty.

And exquisite honesty.

JuJust like the pan cake above.



A Big Sensation.

A big sensation,

Is the latest video game,

Which is very hard and tough to win.

It needs hours of game play and concentration.

But what makes it a big sensation is that it is a new game of cricket and cricket needs no introduction but the craze is beyond madness.

Being able to achieve a win in the hard mode is definitely a big thing.



The Proudest.

The proudest of all,

Is the mother peacock.

As her children are with her,

They eat,

They dance,

And they make her truly happy.

And everyday,

Her dance beats,

Are in sync with her soul’s feelings,

As it is rare that animals,

Get their share of happiness.

But the mother peacock is the proudest of all.