A Well Versed Man.

A well versed man,

Became famous.

But in his heart he was still,


Now he is a bit poorer,

But he is more ignorant of the world

As he thinks money is everything.



A Baby Rhino.

A baby Rhino came in my dreams,

And asked for potato spinach salad.

I was very surprised,

For at that moment the dream seemed real.

I asked the baby rhino,

“Do you eat potato spinach salad?”

He replied-“I simply love it.”

I-“Oh.But I don’t have potato spinach salad,

At home at this moment”.

He said-“Oh,then it doesn’t matter.

I shall come again sometime,

But that time I shall have European cuisine”.

As soon as he said all the beautiful,

European cuisine food items started coming,

In my dream,

But the baby Rhino had vanished.,

Maybe he would back soon again,

To have the European cuisines.