Summer Vacation

Yeah! Yes, the  summer vacation has finally arrived. I had been tired of waiting and waiting for it, but it didn’t seem to arrive.Now that it has arrived, it is a crime to waste even a single of minute.So being said, the whole period of summer vacation cannot be successfully spend as my dear friend, Mr.Sun is playing spoilsport. Till five in the evening the sun dances on one’s head in such a way, that man can neither dance nor think about it. I love my summer vacations because during these days, my mother prepares good cool salads and most importantly she prepares various deserts and sherbets at home.I love to eat mango pudding.I spend my time reading books,playing games, blogging,watching on TV and sleeping.We had no vacation planned, so we are staying put at home, but most of the people have gone out of town. Going out of town for the whole period of summer vacation is a new trend these days. In the old days, people used to go out for different classes,on long walks,on serene drives, to watch good movies,etc.Now the situation has completely changed. People spend a lot of time in their own hometowns and lot of them do visit other tourist places as well, but they can’t enjoy there much. What is the meaning of visiting a place, if you can’t tour around in that place properly, till four or five in the evening, due to the blazing sun. On the happier side, mangoes have arrived, but their prices are sky high.But what to do? Mangoes are after all mangoes. I do hope that you all have eaten mangoes in this summer and please cherish all of it’s varieties.

Enjoy your summer vacation.

Be happy.