Stranded In Switzerland.

My friend Joshua who has been working in the States, recently came back from Addis Ababa after meeting his sister.His nephew Jeremy too is doing well and has managed to cook up a new scheme to make him come back soon.

Joshua has learnt that he can’t be a tough uncle while Jeremy is much branier and much thoughful than him.

For four weeks he has been shivering with the cold weather in the Alps and when atlast his work over there in Switzerland got over he has been asked to stay there for two more months.

If he leaves now half of his fees would be deducted by the company for whom he was doing free lancing work.

Over the phone he was nearly crying.He told me-“I can’t stand it anymore.The weather here is horrible.After a long stay in Addis Ababa due to the pandemic, I can’t stand such cold weather.”

Myself-“It’s better to be back home than stay in a place where the weather doesn’t suit you. Are you going to Addis Ababa now?”

Joshua-“I have booked a ticket for Addis Ababa.If the company pays me well enough or they can chew up their money and go to bed for new year.”

I-“Are you celebrating Christmas?”

Joshua’s voice became low-“I am missing Jeremy a lot.But please don’t tell him. Or he wouldn’t spare me. I lied to him and came here.Told him that I would come back soon but haven’t done so.I am sure that he had nearly guessed that I was lying.So Christmas has been on a low, so I am going to sissie’s home by the evening flight, so that I can celebrate a belated Christmas.”

Myself-“No, I wouldn’t.But did you buy any gifts for him?”

Joshua-“I have bought a toy car for him and if the company pays me then there would be four more toys waiting for him.Anyway I haven’t got out much over here, as the weather and the scare of the pandemic has been overwhelming for me.”

I-“The pandemic has nearly has everybody walking on their toes. Well all the best for the journey.”

And that was it.

After reaching to Ethiopia he received a mail that he was being given the full amount promised plus a thousand dollar bonus. Jeremy would be having a very happy new year for his uncle thinks that he is very lucky for him.Toys, cakes, gifts and whatnot would be bought for a delayed Christmas celebration.

Yesterday he reached Addis Ababa.

That’s all.

Joshua would be staying in Addis Ababa for atleast a month.


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