Squishy Toys.

When the squishy toys first came out nearly twenty years back, they were more than a craze.Nearly each and every kid in my school had them.They used to come in different shapes and sizes. They were great fun to play with and many of the kids would bring them to school and play with it during recess.

Now, one day what happened was that, in the last period, our vice principal came into our classroom suddenly when the class was going on and she asked the whole class-“Does any one of you have any squishy toys?” None gave an affirmative answer.All were mum and silent.The class teacher asked her that why was she asking particularly for squishy toys? The vice principal then showed her a few squishy toys which she had confiscated from other students of different classes.

Vice Principal-“Now from tomorrow onwards if any one of you brings squishy toys to school, I will suspend that student.Is it clear to all?”

Students-“Yes, teacher”.

From that day onwards not a single student brought any squishy toy to school.Don’t be fooled that they were afraid of being suspended.They were rather afraid that they would lose their precious squishy toy and losing even a single squishy toy would cause a serious dent to their squishy toy collection.

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