Sometimes We Think

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Sometimes we think,

We will win,

But unknown to all the hindering persons and forces,

We have already won.


  • Can You Sing?

    Can you sing? Can you be happy? Can you live? Can you think free Singing gives relief to the soul, Thus you become free, So be happy Think free. Adios! ,A Food Lover (Bhelpuri). (In Bengali) (Where To Travel?)

  • Best Time To Write A Blog.

    Best time to write a blog, Is when your mind and heart asks for it. There are different times when thinking or typing a blog is good, but it is you who has the blog inside you.You just need to bring it out. Generally writing a blog in the morning is the best time to… Continue reading Best Time To Write A Blog.

  • In Morocco VS Brazil.

    In Brazil Vs Morocco, the later won by 2-1, meaning Morocco won the match. The match was held in Morocco Adios!

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