Sight for sore eyes.

This is an old phrase, which has been used time and again.”You are a sight for sore eyes”, is such a phrase that it means completely different from what has been said.

First of all, the person who says this phrase, doesn’t have sore eyes and can see nicely and clearly.

Second, a person can never be a sight for sore eyes.

Third, it is an very odd way to say-“Nice to meet you” or “Pleased to meet you”.

Suppose you go to a business meeting with your boss and there you say to your boss-“Sir, you are a sight for sore eyes”. You all know what the next reaction of your boss will be.Then you would have sore eyes from crying for losing your job.

Sight for sore eyes means ” nice too meet you or pleased to meet you”.

So be careful while using this phrase.They might be heard as something different and they might mean something completely different.

Last of all this phrase is a good phrase, which means -happy or pleased to meet you.

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