Shahi Gola (Royal Ice Popsicle)

“Shahi Gola” in Hindi means royal ice ball or popsicle.Gola is a street food in India and it is a succulent ice ball with different flavours layered over it and ice is the major ingredient in it.
For this you need to make broken ice first.Pour water in your ice maker and put it in your freezer.After an hour or so, take out your ice maker and break the ice chunks into fine ice crystals.If you are making ice in an ice cube tray, then also it is fine. Simply take out the ice from the ice cube tray.

Take a big utensil and put all the ice in it.Use a hand blender to crush the ice nicely.Initially ,the ice would simply avoid the blender, but finally it would surrender to the supreme power of the ice blender and get crushed under it’s mighty blades.Then drain out the water, which is formed as by product of ice crushing, from that big utensil using a strainer .
To work out the remaining ice smashing effort; as we need fine ice, put all the crushed ice in a mixer grinder for further smashing and pounding.Turn on the knob to the setting no.”2″ on the mixer knob panel and within ten to fifteen seconds, you will see finely crushed ice and very small fine crystals of ice which are finely grounded.
Take a glass or a plastic glass or a mug and fill it nearly upto the brim with the crushed ice and insert a wooden or plastic ice cream stick inside it, placing it in the center of the ice ball, so that when you take out the ice ball or popsicle, then the wooden stick will hold it together.
(You can find wooden,plastic ice cream or popsicle sticks in your local market and they are to be used as the base for holding the ice ball together).

Now turn that glass upside down and take out the ice ball carefully.If you find that edges are unsettling, then use a spoon and straighten them out and if you find that the ice is lose in someplaces or that the ice ball has not formed properly, then using your hand, press the ice ball into a smooth round ball and the ice will hold it together.
Then again place the ice popsicle upside down in a glass, so that the various syrups can be poured over it.
Now the main part, to make the shahi gola. To make the shahi gola we will use seven different syrups which will give the gola varied tastes and it will look beautiful also.
Remember in shahi gola, you don’t pour the syrups all over the ice ball.The syrups are poured side by side in striations,making different designs.We can assume that the end product should nearly resemble a rainbow i.e. seven colours or atleast four different colours will show on the ice popsicle.
To make the shahi gola pour the syrups side by side on the popsicle, in the order given here:-
1.Cranberry syrup
2.Vanilla syrup
3.Kala Khatta syrup or raw mango syrup
4.Caramel syrup
5.Strawberry syrup
6.Pineapple syrup
7.Mango syrup
After you pour all these syrups over the ice popsicle, have a taste and check whether it is too sweet or is it too bitter.
If it is too sweet then add kala khatta syrup or the raw mango syrup and if it is too bitter then add the caramel or the vanilla syrup.You can even use a bit of sugar syrup on it as a topping.
The same can be made with nuts drizzled on it.

The main characteristic feature of shahi gola is that nearly all the flavours should be felt on tasting it, with sweet being its main base.
It is a refreshment for the royals which each and every human being is.

This recipe is my recipe and this is how I make shahi gola.

Eat healthy and be happy.
Enjoy the shahi gola.