Sand Surfing with ice cream in one hand.

Have you ever gone sand surfing? Well it is one of the most difficult game to play.You have to surf on highly volatile sand and if wind blows @ 20km/ph, you will have sand in your eyes, your clothes and you will be a complete mess. It is one of the sports where the players with great sports aptitude are seen struggling. The heat becomes too much to bear and at the end, one can be seen perspiring like a melting lolly.

So, to make it more difficult, take an ice cream ( a lolly/ a bar/ a cone) in any one of your hands and then go sand surfing and while surfing, try to eat that ice cream.I am hundred percent sure that the ice cream will either fall off or it will be covered with sand particles, making it ineligible to eat or while trying to eat it, you will fall off the surf and the ice cream will be smashed all over your face or clothes.

Despite all this, if your ice cream survives the sand surfing and if you have even eaten it once, then simply go and buy yourself a big gift, for your excellence.