Proudly Presenting Sounds.

Sound is a fuzzy thing. It makes us jingle to it’s self, sometimes it disturbs us, sometimes it awakens us and sometimes it reminds us and sometimes it dances with us also.

Sound producing has only been a viable and feasible opportunity for those in the television industry or those who do the music production, but now a days, sound production is being seen upon as a learning opportunity by many people who are non artistes and many courses on sound production are also making it’s way into various prestigious universities worldwide, where students learn the whole mechanism of the ways in which sound making, production, recording and arrangement works.

Even in video editing, many software come with the option of adding various sounds to the video clips and they are extremely popular with the current generation.

Many apps have been developed in google play and iTunes store, which consists of drum playing, guitar playing, keyboards.Some of these apps, give the user the option to record their production and play it, as and when they need it.

Different sounds have high, low and normal decibels.

Sound has the brightest ability to make a person happy.

For example- play or sing a lullaby to a crying baby and he or she will stop crying and go to sleep.

A person who is sad, when he or she listens to peppy and good music, that person also forgets his or her sadness.

A sound of something falling with a thud or of something loud, sends our heartbeats racing.While a soothing sound or music gives us rest.

Lightning creates the thunder and it follows the light energy, which is ultimately fire.

Friction causes sound and light both.

A person’s scolding produces a good amount of hypertension to the receiver.

A person’s assurance in words or sentence, cheers the mind.

Sound is a wonderful creation of the Almighty God and when it is used to make good sounds, music and songs, then it helps life become wonderful, lovely and beautiful.

The Koel ( Cuckoo) bird sings to communicate in spring.

Sound has created harmony, music patterns and noise too.

For each animal the reception and production of sound is unique.A cow moos, a goat bleats, a sparrow chirps, a horse neighs and a human talks, laughs, cries, coughs, tells jokes, mimics and prays to God.

God Almighty knows all the sounds, every one’s asking and everybody’s prayers.

I feel happy when anybody says-“God Bless You”.