Due to continuous blog writing, we (i.e. Ma and me), we both forgot to have our lunch.By five in the evening, hunger was growling inside our stomach and by five-thirty it had turned into a roar. Ma was not feeling well. So, i got up saw a beautiful scenario. Nearly every sort of instant food was over.Even the always and evergreen eggs. Now what to do? The answer was – big round potatoes. In an urgency people generally make french fries; but I decided against it. No more oily foods.

Took the peeler and peeled them off. Took a four of my peeled potatoes and chopped them nicely and setting the pan on gas I made a potato curry sort of thing.

With the other few peeled potatoes I made them into smashed potatoes sort of a ball of potato mix

garnished with salt, coriander, onions and black pepper. We had them at six in the evening. By that time our stomachs were like a dehydrated patients, but once we had the potatoes we were energized for the evening.They tasted yummy. Then I made the simple and glorious black tea, which tasted bland. After eating so much of potatoes, my mother decided to cook.

Now I am waiting for my dinner which Ma has cooked, despite not feeling well.



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