Potato Thai Ginger Salad Sliced Tomatoes

I have invented this salad.This salad consists of the same ingredients as the above mentioned title, except salt,pepper and honey drippings.

First, boil the four potatoes. Peel them and keep them aside.

Second, take a nice and clean Thai ginger (galangal) and wash it nicely under cold water and take only five grams of it and chop it nicely.

Third, wash four – five tomatoes, again under cold water and slice them.

Fourth, take those potatoes and grate them.

Then take a plate and arrange the sliced tomatoes on the plate. Arrange them in such a way that those tomatoes, cover the whole plate.

On those tomatoes add and layer up the potatoes swiftly.The tomatoes would act as a base for the potatoes.

Now, sprinkle the chopped Thai ginger over it.

It has now come become a three tier salad with the tomatoes at the bottom, potatoes in the middle and the Thai ginger at the top.

Add a bit of salt and pepper over it and drizzle it with honey drippings.

Voila! Your salad preparation is ready.

After you have made this preparation, take each individual slices of the tomatoes which hold the potatoes and the Thai ginger, hold them steadily and eat them slowly and merrily.

The Thai ginger can act as a bit of deterrent, as it can give a bit of bitter taste. You can add more of honey drippings.

N.B. You can even add potatoes over your salad, but alas! then it wouldn’t remain a salad.

Enjoy your salad and happy eating.

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