Pens are a wonderful part of life. The experience of writing with a pen for the first time is simply unforgettable.

Pens are of different types, which consist of ball point pens, ink pens, colour pens, gel pens.

In a household, every one has a different pen and of course the head of the household i.e. the father’s pen would be most beautiful and expensive one.

When writing an examination,other than one’s memory and intelligence, pens are the things which matter the most.

A good student or examinee carries atleast three to four pens with him or her,but in most of the cases one can find that the student writes the whole paper with the same pen and when, while writing the paper, the pen’s ink gets over, then the most harrowing time begins.A bit of superstition is also connected with it.As one starts writing the papers with one pen, he or she gradually starts thinking that he or she must finish all the papers with it or the paper in which he or she has written with another pen, that paper’s mark is certainly doomed.

Many people think that carrying a pen in one’s pocket is a matter of prestige.

So, always do carry a pen and be happy.