On The Earth.

On the Earth.

On the Earth,

Is the igloo,

Where true ice men live.

These are men and women who survive in such chilling weather,

That to think about it, makes one say “No, never, better not.”

On the Earth,

There are parakeets, mynahs, macaws, sparrows who travel around the world,

Much unknown to the human lot.

They see, they learn,

And it is God’s grace upon them which helps them to be ever going.

On the Earth,

There are games,

Such as football, cricket, basketball, hockey, chess , ludo and carrom.

Chess is linked with intelligence, ludo with luck, cricket with strength and football with fame.

On the Earth,

There are various dishes well and known,

Made by chefs,

Who are a class apart,

But out of all of these,

The food made by Ma is the best.

On The Earth,

Are false things,

Which confound the very basics of humanity.

And on Earth,

Is God,

Whom we love the most.


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