Being obedient always got me cookies and being disobedient is a job for the rookies.

It is the golden rule of life. Those who walk upon it, hit the right strings.

Obedience is a nature, which is by default built in human nature. But slowly, slowly as a child grows up he or she develops disobedience in many forms.

Obedience, leads towards all good.It functions in such a way that till the end of the life, a person keeps himself up to date and fit, to keep up with the world.

Worldly worries are the main source of troubles in a human’s life, but by being obedient in nature, one can win over anything that perplexes and complicates life.

Obedience is a gift of nature and of life.

But all are not obedient. That is what leads to various types of troubles in a man.

One must practice being obedient.Obedience to good and sensible things can get a man past the tougher multitudes and attitudes of life.

Getting up early in the morning,having one’s bath and then having the breakfast and having a glance at the newspaper, before proceeding to school, college or office, is a nature which comes from being obedient.

At the last, I would like to mention that obedience is not everything in life, but it is and can be the beginning of all good and superb things in life.