Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa or Akki Dosa.

It is a famous South Indian Dosa made only with rice. Dosa is generally a preparation made from a rice and lentil mixture, which is generally made of kolamb rice (arroz in Spanish , chaal in Bengali and chawal in Hindi) and dal (urad dal).

To make neer dosa or akki dosa you need to use only rice. The rice to be used is raw rice.The raw rice needs to be soaked in water for about three to four hours and after that the rice needs to be grinded in a mixer and then a thick batter is made.

Turn on the flame, put on a non-stick cooking tawa or a non-stick cooking pan and add oil in it. The oil can be olive oil, mustard oil,seasame oil or sunflower oil. As you wish.

The oil in the pan will get heated, then take the batter in a small amount in a wooden ladle and in circular motions, going round and round, spread the dosa on the tawa.

The dosa should not be made crisp,as neer dosa is soft and fluffy in texture and white in colour. The rice can be felt in its vein as human genome can be found in human gene.

It is generally had and served with Konkan curries and with other South Indian delicacies.

It can be had and served with chutney and sambhar also.

The most important factor of this dosa is,this dosa is fast to make, compared to other dosas.

Eat light, eat healthy and be happy.

Enjoy your dosa.