Neem leaves fried with bitter gourd (karela)

Once and for all get over your dislike and fear of bitterness regarding food.This dish doesn’t taste sweet at all and it tastes quite bitter, but it is an excellent antidote for stomach ache,diarrhea, sore throat and gas problems.This dish is a mixture of neem (margosa) and bitter gourd, but as I mentioned before it is good for health.

To make this dish you need to have the following:-

1.Fresh neem (margosa) leaves.

2.Fresh three to four bitter gourd. They should be sliced in round sleek pieces.


4.Cooking Oil.

In a non-stick cookware ( a pan), first add two tablespoons of oil and add one half table spoon ghee. As soon as the oil and ghee heats up, add the neem (margosa) leaves and the bitter gourd (karela) pieces into the frying pan and let them fry nicely till they turn a bit red or brown .Fry them for five minutes at the most.Then turn off the gas.

Your mixture with neem and bitter gourd is ready.Have it as the first item of your meal with a glass of cold water (to make the bitter taste go away).It has many beneficial health effects.