My Journey In Esplanade Via A Tram.

One fine afternoon,

I had a wonderful tram journey.

The tram went from my school to Esplanade and there were only two stops in between.

I had a wonderful cone ice cream and a not a single drop had fallen on my scholl dress.

Ma was very happy that my school dress had not become spoilt.

As we were walking on the esplanade street,

We saw the jhalmuriwala and bought two small packets of jhalmuri.

We saw a book seller selling writing notebooks.

Ma asked him-“How much is the cost of four books?”

He replied-“Eighty rupees.”

Ma said-“That’s very high.”

The bookseller was about to say something when the buses started arriving for the forward journey.

We left the hagging bookseller their and got onto a bus which was empty.

But luckily the bus would be waiting for fifteen minutes.

So, we started munching the jhalmuris.

You folks already know that deep down we love jhalmuri more than anything else.

As I was eating the jhalmuris I saw a beautiful and astonishing sight.

Ma too was eating the jhalmuri from the small packet like a little child and Ma had a very happy face.

I kept looking at her again and again.Ma was happy and in a world where little children always are.

Her happiness was like that of a small girl.

That’s all and


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