My friend who loves “ROSOGOLLAS”.

Simantini was my friend who loved cats and rosogollas(they are paneer balls in sugar syrup).Those cats were not her pets.

They were free booters and free lance eaters.

Simantini, was very kind to them.Whenever asked about it, she answered,”they have adorable expressions!”.

Once I asked her-“will you share your favourite rosogollas with them?”.

She replied-“Yes, ofcourse.I have only tried fried fishes, fish and chicken bones and left over food with them.”

After a fortnight we met again and this time she was looking very morose.What had happened?

I asked her that and very sadly she said that-“One of three cats, whom I feed regularly, has started following me to my home and now she only eats rosogollas,not the fish fries, neither the chicken bones nor does she eat the left over food. What can I do now? I can’ t provide her with anymore rosogollas! Rosogollas cost a lot of money.I will now have to change my route to home from work and it will take me twenty minutes more to reach home, but that’s that.”

Saying so, she started leaving, without saying bye to me and suddenly she turned back and asked me “why did you suggest me to give them rosogollas”? I had no reply for her.





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