Brooom,brooom and zoom in a Ferrari.

My dad was visiting the city of Como when he was in Italy.From there he went for a work visit tour in a factory near Como. The factory owner was conducting the factory tour and was putting forward his own views and explanations on the products made by his company.It was a small factory tour.At the end of it, the factory owner was feeling very jubilant for having presented an excellent view of his company.In his excitement he says to my dad-“I have a surprise for you”. Dad was very surprised to hear him.The owner had a garage at back of the factory and he took my dad there and pressed the remote for the garage door to open.Now,now what does dad see?

As the garage door opens-“Open sim sim” and he sees a shining,sleek,beautiful smoking hot Ferrari car standing right in front of him.I don’t know whether he had a fanboy moment or not,but definitely I would have had one if there was a Ferrari standing right in front of me.Can you believe it? A Ferrari?Huh?As my father was checking out the car, the owner was smiling in such a way , like he owned the whole world.He told my father that the Ferrari could reach the speed of 210 mph in 30 seconds.It was like travelling in a concorde jet. They took the car out for a spin at 100 mph in front of the factory area.

Then can you believe it?He actually took dad for a drive out to dad’s hotel which was ten kilometers away, but alas during the whole journey in the Ferrari,the maximum speed he reached was 65 mph and couldn’t speed up more than that, due to the traffic regulations.

After the trip, my dad came back home and said to me-“In Italy,I rode in a getleman’s Ferrari Car and he took me for a drive in it”.I couldn’t believe my father and to this day I can’t.He showed me the pictures.It was very true.He had actually travelled in a Ferrari.

There are many people who travel the world thousand times, but there are very few who have ridden or driven a smoking hot red Ferrari Car.

I still can’t believe it.A Ferrari huh?