My best friend- the Morning Sun

My best friend is the morning sun. At six thirty am, early in the morning, the sun is like a big red ball. It feels as if I can take shelter under it and the morning sun is sweet and very cute. Once I have seen the early sun, my day is set and then I can take on any challenge in any aspect of my daily life. The afternoon sun which is nearly always hot and blazing is not at all my friend. On the other hand the evening sun which sets off , to let the night takeover is also my friend, but it is not like the morning sun because at the evening, the sun is too tired to be sweet and cute.

The monsoon days are really very morose, as there is no sun visible and without my friend, my days also pass in a dull way. Thus, my friend says enjoy the drizzle and wait for the cloud to pass by, so that you can take a glimpse of the wet sun.