The lovely red ones,

Were available for nearly Rupees six hundred to seven hundred a dozen in the summer,

But due to the global pandemic we couldn’t buy it.

Most interestingly, we would see mango sellers hawking their mangoes from our window, with hardly anyone buying them.

Yesterday we saw a mango seller selling mangoes,

When asked about those off season mangoes, he replied -“These are artificially ripened ones. Few of them are imported.They are pure. A dozen for rupees one thousand four hundred.Hearing the price we simply turned away from him.

Seeing us go back he said -“For you I would charge only rupees one thousand one hundred”.

We -“If you sell it for eight hundred bucks, we will buy it.”

The seller-“Ok.”

We-“Pack it.”

The mango seller with a bit of grumbling-“What if a poor man loses his money? You people can have delicious imported mangoes.”

We-“You are definitely keeping some margin.”

He smiled and said -“I too have to try my luck.”

We took the mangoes and came back home.


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