Ma and Food.

“Ma, I am hungry, please give me something to eat”. This is the first thing that comes to my mind, when I think about food.

In all the universes that exist, I am the biggest fan of my Ma’s cooking.In between, I was not well and am still recuperating, at those time I used to like burgers and pizzas more than her cooking and it is the biggest regret of my life. The moment I got better, I realized how nonsensical and silly I had been, to not like Ma’s cooking. Now she is not well and internally my soul yearns for her hand made food and she tries very very hard and makes all the meals for me, but sometimes we have to eat outside food. When I eat outside food, I realize that truly GOD- The all merciful, has sent the best cook in the world, in the form of Ma to each and every one’s house.

No dosa or idli or any curry preparation from a restaurant whether be it two star or three star or four star or five star, tastes even closer to Ma’s cooking. The more the stars, the more is the sophistication and less the amount, of that amount of heart and hard work goes into the cooking and lesser the quantity of food. Looking at the number of chicken pieces in a dish at a high-fi restaurant, sometimes it feels like, as if they are making us to diet, so that we forget that lunch or dinner even exists!

Whatever she makes be it enchiladas or idlis or cake or any chicken curry or anything else, I am damn sure that nothing and nobody can match to her cooking, except one person and that was my late loving and superbly talented and God gifted maternal grandmother, because it is from her that my mother has learnt her cooking and for my mother, she is the best cook in the world and to learn from her is a gift from God himself, still she (my maternal grandmother) was not appreciated for her hard work, as it is the worst tendency in people, to take mothers for granted, my mother didn’t take her for being granted and she was the only one who truly liked her mother’s cooking.For me my Ma is the best.Each to his own, ain’t it, world?

For some days, we had to pay an obscene amount of money for two square meals and the food was nothing less than dung heap.Going on a fast would have been better.

So never ever, dislike your mother’s cooking, because very few are those who get God’s grace so gracefully, that they have their mothers with them for their whole life and I pray to God Almighty that I am and am one of them few.

Instead of eating the outside crap for tiffin,breakfast, lunch and dinner, if possible have a square meal from Ma’s hand and see if it was worthy, to be a grown up or her blessfull hands were all that was and is needed to sustain in life and be happy.

Wife, husband,children,bungalows, cars, money all is secondary, but MOTHER & FATHER are primary in life.

Think about it and when you realize it, you will find God, the one and only, who protects all, to be inside your mother, as God is none other than her and if you don’t then it will take you a while to catch the bus, it can even take eons.But one shiny day you will definitely catch the bus and then you will say-“At last I got Ma”.


N.B.- Whatever the whole world does, it isn’t necessary to follow that trend.Be humble always and love your mother and she had loved and nurtured you, when you were born and when you were growing up.Remember her mercies, her love and be that same kid, that you used to be when you were small.

If possible make a lavish breakfast for her any time soon, even if it is eggs and bread.