Little Rosiette.

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A little girl’s mother was unwell.Her mother was so sick, that she couldn’t even get up to drink a glass of water.Rosiette was then five years old and her schooling was about to start soon.

Her dad took her to one of his sister’s house, so that she could remain there till her mother was alright, but after spending five minutes there, she started demanding, that she wanted to see her mother, so her dad had to take her back home.

After coming back home, she went to her mother’s room, where her mother was sleeping peacefully. Carefully,she opened a small cupboard in which her piggy bank was. In that piggy bank, her mother used to put one and two pence coins, since she was the age of three.

That piggy bank was very heavy for Rosiette to carry, but she took the piggy bank out of the cupboard and carried it to the pond near her house.

There she sat below a Hawthorn tree and opened her piggy bank, with a small key.

As soon as she opened it, all the money came out of the piggy bank and a small heap of coins was formed.

She took a coin in her right hand and threw it into the water.

After that, she threw two coins at once into the water.

Then she clutched a coin in her hand and looked toward her mother’s room and prayed to Jesus-“Oh Jesus, Please heal Mother.” Praying so to Jesus, she kept on dropping one coin after the other in the pond.

Nearly when all her coins were inside the pond, she heard her father calling and she rushed into the house.

“Rosiette, come quick, your mother wants to talk to you”.

Her mother had wakened up and the doctor had also come to see her and as she entered the room the doctor gave her a big smile and she saw that her mother was sitting up on the bed.

Rosiette ran and hugged her and kissed her mother. She held onto her very tightly.

Mother-“My dear Rosiette, I love you the most in the whole world. This morning, suddenly, I am feeling better and the doctor is saying that within a week or two, I would be able to walk about.You hold on tightly for me dear, and do not be afraid, your Mother will be alright sweety and then you and I shall play again and do whatever we would wish”. Saying so, she gave a kiss to Rosiette on her forehead.

Rosiette’s dad, Mr. Martin asked her to go and play around nearby, as he had to speak with the doctor.

But Rosiette ran straight to the pond and when she got there, a surprising sight was waiting for her. Al the coins that she had dropped in the pond, were lying on the grass near the pond and they were wet.

Rosiette was very very surprised, she started touching those coins and turning them about and after a while she put all the coins inside the piggy bank and closed it tightly and ran straight to her room and she thanked Lord Jesus, for making her mother well.

But to this day, it’s a mystery for her, that how did all those coins come up from the pond and who had brought them up?





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