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Nearly a month or two back I had written about a cop.

He is a traffic cop and a good guy.

Now day before yesterday, he was manning an interjunction which was heavy with traffic and on top of that, road repair work was also going on.

All was going well, traffic was not smooth exactly but it was going on alright, when a truck instead of going straight forward started signalling him that it wanted to take a right turn. He signaled the truck driver to keep going forward and he warned him that the right turn was a no entry for trucks. Without paying any regards to his instructions, the truck driver took a right turn and the cop made it stop right in between the interjunction and asked for the driver’s license.Driver coolly kept on driving forward and after going a bit ahead the driver stopped and handed over his license to the cop and without any further ado he drove the truck towards it’s destination.The cop took a photo of the license plate of the vehicle and of the driver’s license. For a simple right turn, the driver lost his license and now he would have to pay a hefty fine to get it back.

Had this happened in any of the countries which enforce stricter traffic laws, the driver would have had his license confiscated for ever or it would have been suspended for a longer period of time.

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