Laugh, Laugh And Expand.

Nowadays people are good at expanding.

Whether be it at making more and more houses or at eating huge amount of food like monsters which is unwanted in reality.

But while doing so, the folks involved in it, often lose themselves.

For in these times when chaos is reigning everywhere and in everything it is better to be happy, than being a sadistic or cruel or sloppish kind of person at heart .The expansion occurs in one’s mind much rather than at it being a monetary or property or satisfactory gain.That’s where the whole problem occurs and it makes one more and more egoistic.It leads to puffing up of the soul and everything else with it.The end consequences turn out to be disastrous for that person.

So try to be better and laugh and expand.

But don’t over do it or you would end up as a deflated balloon(That’s what happens usually in the end).


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