Joshua in Addis Ababa

Well,well,well from Minneapolis, Joshua went to Portugal for a conference,that lasted two days in all and in between his sister, who is currently interning at a hospital in Addis Ababa called him there, as she was ill and she needed him to be there to take care of her as her husband was out of town for a week. So he went there. After a day there, he suddenly got a call from his company sub division in Morocco, that if he could come down from the states to Morocco, to help them in a trifling matter.

Joshua informed them that he was in Ethiopia. Listening to this bit of news the company officials were crying with happiness, as they were in a deep fried soup of trouble.Apparently, they had locked themselves out of main company system and were unable to report back any work to the headquarters and any further delay would mean, either pay cut or their bonuses cut. So they started pleading with Joshua to come down to Morocco and they even promised him a big incentive if he came there. The job there required two days time, so Joshua nearly agreed to it.He told them that he would let them know, whether he was coming or not.

His sister, is taking her medicines and Joshua tells her-“Sis, I need to go to  Morocco for three days.”

“Why do you need to go to Morocco?”.

“The company in which I freelance, their sub divisional office in Morocco is in a big trouble and they badly need my help!”

“Go where ever you want, but never come back here, nor do you show me your face ever again!”

“Sis,I am sorry, but they are offering me a big incentive also.”

“Get out.”

“All right, all right”.

Now,Joshua has his bags packed for Morocco and is looking for his passport and can’t find it anywhere. He calls out to his sister and asks that whether she has seen his passport or not.

She replies-“Yeah, I saw it.It was lying deep in hell.”

Joshua trying to keep his calm-“Sis,I am not joking.I can’t find it anywhere.”

His sister-“Maybe you didn’t bring it here.Maybe it went straight to Morocco to prepare for a red carpet to welcome you there.”

Joshua gritting his teeth-“Sorry,I asked”.

His sister-“I am sorry that you are my greedy “incentive” brother, who goes running after jobs, instead of taking care of his ill sis and her small child.”

Joshua kept quiet.After an hour, he received a phone from the sub divisional office in Morocco, stating that their problem was solved and he needn’t come and saying only this much, they disconnected the phone.

Joshua felt angry, but he knew he couldn’t do anything about it. So, he went to fridge and took out a Hersheys chocolate bar and started munching it. His sister was surprised to see him do so and asked him, why was he munching the chocolate bar.

He replied-“My Morocco freelance work is cancelled.”

His sister-“Excellent.Serves you right.” Saying so she went to the drawing room and Joshua went to the bedroom to have a short nap.

In the evening ,he woke up  and unpacked his bags and then he suddenly remembered about his passport which was missing.

He went to the drawing room to find it.There his two years old nephew was watching on television, wearing a hat, which was gifted by Joshua, when his nephew had gone to the states a year before.That time the hat was too big for him and now also it was big for him, still he wore it playfully.

His little nephew’s name was Jeremy. He picked up Jeremy on his lap and started playing with him.

Joshua had carefully looked around and in the drawing room, searching for his passport and he knew his passport was not there.

So, in a playful voice, he asked Jeremy-“Jeremy, have you seen my passport?I have lost it and can’t find it anywhere.”

Jeremy coolly took off his hat and fished out the passport, from the inside of the hat and gave it to Joshua.

“Madeline, Madeline (his sister), come quickly. I have found out my passport”.

Madeline was busy cooking the dinner at that time and she replied-“good, now go wherever you want to go.”

Joshua-“I am not going anywhere.I am here to take care of you and Jeremy and I will stay atleast a month, provided you cook well.”

Madeline-“not a word more about my cooking or you will have only broccoli for dinner, everyday”.

Joshua-“Sis, you are the best cook in the whole world” and he gave Jeremy a big kiss on his cheeks for returning him his passport and promised him a big gift the next day.

Jeremy is now expecting a remote control Ferrari toy car from his uncle.