Joshua called me for dinner.

Well my friend Joshua is an American and I am an Indian.Few days back he had called us for dinner at a five star hotel, near my home. He had arranged with the hotel for an Indian meal for me and my family.So at eight we were there and what do I see? That the Indian cuisine chief chef, had to rush back home for some personal reasons.Therefore, the hotel staff asked to go for either Italian/Mediterranean cuisine or American cuisine. Now Joshua would have had his regular burger-fries and coke, but seeing us in a dangling situation, he offered that he would have the same cuisine as we would.

Now a new fashion has started, that if you are a group of four people or more then you can order for table buffet.Means that the quantity is unlimited and you would have hot food served directly on your plate.

So, my mom and dad ordered for both Italian and American cuisine.

In American cuisine they had,

Garlic Chicken,Macaroni and cheese, king sized chicken burger,hamburger,apple pie in desert with that a complimentary bowl of vanilla ice cream.

In Italian/Mediterranean Cuisine they had,

Garlic butter chicken wings,lettuce honey salad, Greek salad with baby tomato toppings, fried fish, lavasa, white spaghetti pasta, mousse cake and chocolate ice cream filled lava cake.

Now you can well imagine that four of us, didn’t have the appetite for some much of American and Italian cuisine, but still we went on with it, having a little of this and that and by the time, we got the check for night out, our tummies were bulging like a swing ball,from this side to that side and from that side to this side.

We thanked my friend Joshua, for inviting us to a sumptuous dinner, did goodbye to each other and that night we all were able to sleep peacefully and soundly that night, despite our AC being conk, the night heat couldn’t beat the heavily loaded stomach of ours.

Hope you all have enjoyed my writing and I do hope that you all enjoy such multifarious cuisines everywhere and everyday.