Jennette buys a carrot.

Jennette bought a carrot, from a shop which was near her home.She paid a pound for a single carrot.It was lying in a gift box, in the shop and when asked about it, the shopkeeper said that it was special.

It was a nicely wrapped carrot, with only it’s orange head visible.

She asked him that it was special how? He replied-“that’s a secret.Will cost you a pound, if you want to buy it”.

Walking towards home, she had held it tightly in her hand. She was then nine years old.

Upon reaching her home, she told her mother that she had bought a carrot for a pound and her mother asked her that if she had gone completely mad.

She told her mother, that the shopkeeper had told her that, it was a special carrot and why it was special, he couldn’t tell her, so on an impulse she bought it.

Her mother took the carrot from her and examined it with it’s gift wrappers on.She said-“It’s a normal carrot,Jennette. This time I will allow you to go scot free, but next time you dare not buy any rubbish with the pocket money that I give to you.Now keep that carrot on the kitchen table and have your evening soup.”

After an hour, when Jennette’s mom was making the carrot pudding, she decided to add that gift wrapped carrot also and took it for shredding. She tore and threw away the gift wrapping and started shredding it.As soon she started shredding it, she found out that there was something funny about the carrot skin, it didn’t feel like a normal skin.Still she went on to peel it.When two layers of the carrot were peeled, she saw that inside the carrot it was shining and she peeled off the entire carrot to investigate further.Inside the carrot, there was cone shaped thing and it was silver in colour.

Immediately she called out to her daughter, who came running and she showed her the silvery thing which was shining inside it.

Jennette -“Mom, it is a silver wrapped chocolate of strawberry flavour”.

Mom-“How do you know that?”

Jennette-“I had seen it inside the shop and they cost fifteen pounds each!”

Her mom-“What?”.

Jennette brushed off the remaining carrot from the silver thing and she showed it to her mother.When examined carefully, it was indeed a silver wrapping over a chocolate.

Jennette took off the silver wrapping and started munching the chocolate and felt that she was floating in a paradise and she day dreamed that she was in strawberry land.

She even tasted the peels of the carrot and found that they too were chocolates in orange colour.

That night and the next day she was so happy that she finished her homework without being asked to do so and answered all the questions, she was asked in the class by her teacher and subsequently the whole month she was very happy.

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