Its That Easy

To boil milk, its that easy.To warm up a bread,its that easy.To eat chocolate,its that easy.To fight, its even more easy. To ride a bus, its that easy.To ride a train,its that easy more easier.To ask for pocket money, its that easy.To spend it, its very easy. To make a platter of lunch,its not easy.To laugh heartily,its not that easy and to be happy is even more not easy and earning money is the toughest of the lot. But, to have faith, its that easy.To keep working hard,its that easy.To spread a smile, its that easy.To love your parents, its the easiest.To sleep peacefully, its that easy. To keep on sleeping for more than half a day under a cosy blanket is very easy.To be easy in life,its that easy and to be easy,easy and easy,its that easy and to eat that large bar of hidden chocolate, its that and that and that easy.